Realized projects

This is a selection of projects made in the last years in different creative adventures. This website is under development. In the future it will offer more content around current projects, experiments, design and tutorials.

Product design

Design of unique objects containing photographs. All of them worked to the measure of each client, to tell each one, a different story. You can imagine, the possibilities are endless. The challenge has always been to encapsulate an inner world through design. In these boxes that keep photographs a part of its history and show out all its essence. I made these designs while co-directing the project of fandi.


Illustration has always been my greatest means of expression. With it I can get lost in details and discover things that are not seen at first sight. One of the things I learn the most from is to look for a reason for a style and go deeper into its origin, to then make it my own and express myself with my own voice.
You can see more illustrations in my instagram account: @ilustrania

Graphic design

What I enjoy most about graphic design are the challenges. Adapting to new formats or using the ones you know, giving a better message. It is a system of communication that is in everything around us (unless we live in a quasi-uninhabited place), from the smallest element, we tend to leave our mark. The question is to ask the right question.

Art Direction

For me, art direction is the best version of teamwork, being able to delegate in the professionalism of those who specialize and trust while guiding through new paths, seeing through other eyes and witnessing how magic, the unexpected and learning occur.
These are some of the campaign images from previous seasons for Macson.